D.I. Davies - Part 1- Three weeks to retirement...

"Three weeks to retirement...."

Another day, another case. One more month in this hellhole and I can spend the remaining years of my life trying to forget all the crap that destroyed my respect for this run-down town. 28 years, its a long time to be doing anything let alone sitting in the same dead end job. No one in this town has any respect for us, Serve and Protect; that's a motto that died many years ago.

Being an law enforcer used to be a proud life, these days if you flashed your badge at someone they are more likely to laugh rather than pat your back. Its no surprise really, we are the bottom rung of the food chain, since the new era of this country came along the government is just using us for doing the leg work for branches that wear perfectly clean and sharp suits.

857 cases I have worked in my time, 857? it seems like it's a lot but over 28 years it shows just how long some cases take to clean up. That doesn't count the ones that the CID have taken from us, its pitiful really, we are the ones in the firing line yet we don't even get the privilege of decent technology, two rusty old terminals in the office and even they only get used for derogatory emails from homeland. I am sure our combined budget wouldn't cover a weeks worth of suit cleaning there.

I suppose I should be grateful, not many cops survive 28 years as an inspector. Its hard losing friends that have worked with you over the years. Most of them would have loved to have died in a remotely glorious way but the sad truth of this town is that someone would rather waste a man's life than take a speeding ticket.

My partner is Detective Constable Robert Baines. He's a good kid but he is just that, a kid. Typical new guy just wants to go out all guns blazing, so keen to do the right thing I think he will soon learn that this isn't an ideal world, rightness and justice doesn't always go the way it should. His ambitions seem sincere but I have seen what this place can do to people.

I have spent a few years without a partner, its hard to work with someone for so long and lose them, makes you very resentful. You can't blame yourself when things go wrong but you can't not punish yourself, the only true partner a cop has after this long on duty is the bottle. You have a partner because you wont survive here on your own, what a sad fact.

Its been weeks since a proper case has landed on my desk. Last week I was on a 'high priority case' as someone had their car stolen with some valuable court paper work in it. Valuable by their own admission though. The chief was in my office in such an excitement, a case that the homeland deems too small to bother looking into but something that could be a big win for us. 'Valuable' + 'Court papers' sounds big doesn't it. Well his car was found and his ex-wife got her alimony cheque, what a win.

Today we are investigating a corpse that was dug out of a trash dumpster down town. Probably some drugged up whore who's client didn't feel like paying for last night. I would be more sympathetic but these days its not an uncommon sight.

"Two entry wounds, one in each eye socket. These were some high calibre rounds, the back of the head is well... incomplete to put it lightly. This isn't the typical hardware sold at the 7/11 Detective."

He was right, weapons like this had high value to them, why would a crack head waste all their stolen wares and cash on a weapon that could do this amount of damage when a simple $200 pistol would achieve the same level of not-living in a victim.

"Was she carrying any thing?"

"Nothing, Sorry. We are running her through the system though, should get a match at some point over the next decade."

Back at the office the usual smell of sludge clings to the air, we are now on first name terms with the coffee machine repair man. He got married last month, half the precinct was invited to the reception. I sit down at my desk, Baines is already there.

"Morning sir, I manged to get you a cup before the machine popped. What are we up against today?"

I hate to get peoples hopes up, the poor kid has been writing up traffic violations for the past 3 weeks. Something as interesting as an unnamed hooker in a dumpster would get him all fired up.

"Nothing really kid, just the usual crap."

How wrong I was...


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