D.I. Davies - Part 2 - A not so normal day in the office.

"A not so normal day in the office."

2 weeks to go, I still haven't fully bought into the idea of retirement. Sitting at home all day doing nothing. It just doesn't seem right. What are you supposed to do when you aren't working? I suppose I could sit around all day and reading the paper and complaining about world affairs but I can do that now, well minus slippers and a pipe.

I suppose I should explain that this retirement wasn't my idea, apparently old age has finally caught up with me. 5 years ago was I was the top detective, my partner and I were solving cases quicker than anyone else in the old greater city, even the home office representative came down one day and shook our hands. Crime was at the lowest it had been in years, even the usual scare tactics of the local news rag wasn't enough to put off people living their lives. Now I am not saying that was all down to us but hell, I'd like to think we had a good hand in it.

An familiar breed of criminal had become the dominant force behind this city's mafias, the hacker. Thought to have died out many years ago during the hand over to the new government, the hacker/cyber crime scene supposedly went underground and was thought to have been contained. There were many CID raids for a few months and the newspapers were claiming victory, something the new government was clearly happy to be spread about.

Terminals and all net related equipment began to act strangely, and almost over night it seemed as if we were back in the 90's, reports of fraud and virtual theft were coming in left and right. Had it have not been for my partners exceptional skills with a terminal I am sure we would have been down the job office getting reassigned within days. It took a lot of learning and lots of late nights trying to get on top of this fight with technology, I was still in the past. Action and papers were my forte, but I couldn't resist the technology trend any longer.

A few months back I was called into the Super's office. He had that look on his face like he was going to tell someone something they didn't want to hear. I never thought I would be on the end of that. He held some CID headed papers in his hand, I knew what he was going to say before he even sat down. I had 3 months left then they were terminating my contract. I am not ready to leave though.

"Detective! Sir! We have multiple reports coming in from down town, apparently O'Sheas is a blood bath. There are dead bodies every where!"

"Grab your coat Baines, its probably just some drunken bar fight as usual."

We got to the scene, this was no bar fight. Not unless the locals were some heavy duty ex-mercenary types. I'd never in all my years on the force seen something like this, the were parts of people everywhere. Forensics were all over the place and working like mad trying to piece together the place.

"Oh god sir. This is horrible."

Baines had not been witness to anything even remotely close to this. Its a life changing thing when you see something like this, you open your eyes to the capability of humanity. The smell is something you wont soon forget either.

"I need to step outside a moment."

"Take all the time you need kid, we aren't going anywhere for a while."

There was debris everywhere, parts of the walls were blown out and there bits of tables and broken glass all over the floor. Its going to take them weeks to work out who all these people are. This can't have been a random out pour of violence, there must have been a reason for all of this, a gang war maybe? but why here? this place was neutral.

After taking a moment to gather myself I looked around, some of the corpses were still clutching weapons, these were some heavy duty firearms. Fully automatic hi-capacity repeaters, well that accounts to the structural damage, but what's this, there is a woman lying on the broken remains of a table, who is she? I swear I have seen that face before...

"Sir, I think you should come and check this out."

Baines called me outside, there was a guy lying outside on the pavement missing a large amount of his head. He looked in his late 40's, holding a very big gun. Surely he didn't do this to himself. I headed back inside to check the bar's security tapes. Typical seedy bar more interested in spending money slutty lap dancers, their security scanners were of appalling quality, showing a poor image of a man in a trenchcoat getting dragged into a limo before speeding away out of view.

There is at least 1 person in this town that knew what happened tonight. But how do I find him.


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