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Name: Spooky
Description: Evil Guinness/ Evil Genius / Evil Goonies
Project: Triumph Loving/ Braben Worship / Waiting for Elite 4
Last Updated: 01/08/2006

Quick update..

Wow, it's like buses... nothing happens for years and suddenly we're all posting at once. There's been quite a lot going on of late that has seriously impeded ability to not suck at updates and content. However in better news it hasn't all been for naught! The next GenX story is still progessing (although no updates recently) nicely and there has been yet another cross-polination with Mare's uptake of the D.I. Davies character. I'm looking forward to see where that goes. If we get enough of this stuff written I'm thinking of maybe combining the 3 threads into a single canon universe and maybe working on a sort of anthology/epic piece... once again your mileage may vary.

My worship of The Braben is going well, I'm getting myself thoroughly mentally damaged with 4D matrices and quaternions... I'm not a mathmatician so coming at this stuff from first principals is quite challenging but I'm enjoying it. Once I have mastered the "simple" concepts of time frames, coordinate references and the complete lack of relation between the two I'll be fine.

I've got my bike test in 15 days time... hopefully I'll pass this time (no excuses... I'm sober this time round). Once that license is mine I'm off to the Triumph shop quicker than you can say Speed Triple.


[] Some writing for a change.
[] Worship The Braben
[] Pass bike test
[] Buy Triumph


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