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Welcome to the fake int13h Finger Service V1.0!
Name: Spooky
Description: Evil Genius / Triumph Loving / Merch Peddling
Project: Triumph Loving/ Braben Worship
Last Updated: 11/10/2006


Quick update..

Well I'm trying hard to avoid the obvious AC/DC tie-in but it's no good... We're back in black baby! New look site, new dynamic everything... old tired lack of content ;) So, it's been a couple of months since my last update...RECAP!

I passed my bike test! It took 2 attempts however as I'm pretty sure I was screwed over by the first examiner. It's worth making a few things known in my defence.

1) He followed me round in a car as he couldn't ride a bike!
2) He gave me a single major fail point for leaving an indicator on in a u-turn
2a) Since it is illegal for me to perform the u-turn maneuver on a road with moving vehicles on it exactly who was I miss-informing with this signal?
3) He was from the Isle of Wight.

I had to wait 4 weeks until I could retake thanks to a 2 week mandatory wait followed by another 2 week wait due to lack of examiners. To cut the rest of this story short I passed without a single failure dispite not having ridden a bike for 4 weeks. This would most definately lead me to believe that 'Mr Examiner No. 1' was missing his quota for the week. Still it doesn't matter anymore, I now have my license!

I bought my Speed Triple! It's the original 900cc cafe racer styled beast fitted out in 'faster than you Black'. Its 8 years old, in almost show room condition and has a kosha 14K on the clock. It's also worth noting that the damn thing is face tearingly quick.

We invaded Holland and the whole thing came off without a hitch. T'was a splendid long weekend with much consumption of random beers and peddle boat action. It was also rather excellent to meet up with PmI and as a bonus Grobarium too. For future note I recommend not feeding big bulgarians the mushrooms... especially not if Omen is present and partaking.

We've also just embarked on a brave new adventure in merchandising. The marketing arm of int13h enterprises (int13h Heavy Industries (Mare and myself)) have been busy cooking up a plethora of int13h-inspired warez for your consumption. We've done the cheesy and cheap thing of partnering with and have completely removed overheads... the most profit we make on an item is 50p! What can I say? We're not in it for the money, we're all about the chicks, the fame and the world domination. What are you waiting for? CONSUME!!!

Other than that I've not been doing much at all... offering some theoretical and algorythmic assistance to Mare, procrastinating over the current in-progress GenX and playing Oolite (When I'm not building the standalone packages for IRIX and FreeBSD 6 x86 which you can get here).

Ok, that's it... it's over... go away

[] Some writing for a change.
[X] Worship The Braben
[X] Pass bike test
[X] Buy Triumph


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