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Name: Nightmare
Description: The winning straight!
Project: All the peices of the puzzle
Last Updated: 17/10/2006 11:59:45 (GMT)

Quick update..

If you are reading this, then the website works! Granted it wasn't the biggest hill to get over but it's certainly nice when something actually gets finished. I guess I can officially call myself a coder now, I spend most of my time getting stuck into a project then hating the outcome, not because it doesn't work right but because I can see a much better way of doing it *after* its working.

The new site turned out quite well from a code point of view, adding new stuff is certainly nicer than before and I have even cleaned up the database a fair amount, its basically been the same structure as the first site Voo did with ASP and MSDE all those years ago. The data was exported and moved to mysql and has been 'working' ever since.

We now have historical .plans which I have been thinking would be a good idea for quite some time, same it wasn't thought of the first time we did them as there have been some really good ones that sadly are now blown into oblivion.

Speaking of codery goodness, been having a serious coders block with Chaos-eng. It's at that stage of workingness that makes it actually playable and quite enjoyable, sadly it's also at the stage where implementing new features not only brings about short sighted design from earlier code but also brings new bugs.

Again with the whole hindsight view of earlier code, its easy to see better ways of doing things but on the plus side, its nice to see how some design ideas worked out really well. For example, Spooky's ideas about unification of all the spells in a single array/dataset instead of having separate arrays for each spell type makes cleaning up the rounds and general data 'walking' a breeze.

I really need to get back into the flow of working on Chaos-eng. Its a great project really and its something quite colossal for me (at least) that it would be a great achievement to finish it.

Got a Nintendo DS lite in July, after getting the memory reader slot adaptor thingymejobbie I got stuck into having a play at coding on it. The NDS library that the scene has been working on is a great testament to hobbyist coders, they have manged to create a GL-like interface to the graphics hardware and although minus a GL style DisplayList type function its really quite fun to mess with.

Sadly my GL and Maths skills limit me to drawing a box that kind of flies around the screen based on user input but its nice to do something even that simple on quite a random platform.

Aside from codery gubbins I have been spending a lot of time and effort putting my Guitar to good use, the poor bugger just wants to be played properly and I owe it to my bank manager to make my rather expensive Marshall TSL100 output more than just feedback and bad notes.

Content wise I went off on a side path after reading some great Gen X and Grim episodes by the way of D.I. Davies, its about a cop that is investigating the world of Gen X, there is some cool crossover story lines to come and its a nice break from trying to write something funny and witty. Hopefully there will be more of this soon.

Still have a few outstanding features on the site to code in but after that it should be back to content for a while =]


Done :

[X] D.I. Davies Part 1 - 31/07/06
[X] D.I. Davies Part 2 - 31/07/06


[_] Do the next round for WWW. (Actually in draft!)
[_] More Guides!
[_] More FSL!

[_] Finish Chaos-Eng 1.0R
[_] Start Chaos-Eng-Net Alpha


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