I knew there was a reason I kept hold of all these old machines.

Whilst I was poking around OSNews this morning I came a across a link to this great blog post. He asks the question -

So what happens when the world of technology collides with the world of education? Why, the Commodore 64 makes a comeback!

It's a genius idea. Most of the slightly older (pre-playstation-generation) techies I know were raised on these wonderful old 8 bit clunkers. Programing games or whatever was part and parcel of owning one of these machines and I believe that has given us an excellent foundation. BASIC programing gets slated as being no use for real world applications, but as soon as one of these 'real-world' programers can show me a whole range of applications that fit inside of 16k then I'll take their opinion seriously.

I believe people should be taught BASIC on antiquated machines with limited performance and resources. It will teach a basic understanding of how a computer works plus remove reliance on bloated libraries to perform simple tasks. What do you think?

[poll title="8bit Machines should be used in computing education"]{Hell yes, 8bit all the way}{I dunno, they'd have no real world language skills}{NO! We need more bloaty software!}[/poll]


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