Retarded people? I prefer the term mentally hilarious!

This is one of the most fun free games i have played in ages!

Managed level 30 on my first try, going back in for a bash now :-)

Oh and btw FLASH warning!!! tis worth it though!


Level 30 is a killer.

By Wh|te Russian |

Bonus level 2. More fire power!

By Wizzard |

Cant get past bonus level 4 :<

By Omen |

"Level 37 HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?! - 20000 hp, worth 5g each."
But failed... :/

By Wh|te Russian |

only level 35

By PmI |

Fucksocks! Bought it on the last level 38. I should have thrown everything in. :(

By Warchild |

Shit! There's more! Level 39 kicked my ass.

By Warchild |

Level 34 is my nemesis :(

By Shadow |

Heavy Engine Console
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