Shell script nonsence / Vidal Baboon Supah Sekrut Stuph


Welcome to the fake int13h Finger Service V1.0!
Name: Spooky
Description: Evil unix genius.
Project: Shell script nonsence / Vidal Baboon Supah Sekrut Stuph
Last Updated: 28/02/07


Quick Update:

Ok, so I made a webserver in shell script. It's really bad, but it does exactly what I wanted to do with a minimum of overhead. I also built a really simple ntp client so what I have now is a NetBSD'ed Mac SE/30 with a relatively accurate RTC and a very tiny webserver (less than a meg memory used in total ever). Now on to my master plan... which you'll have to wait for I'm afraid.

Vidal Baboon (well 2 of 'em anyway) have been busy little Monkeys (see what I did there?) and soon there will be a small project of ours unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Truely it is a scheme of epic proportions and will change the face of music forever. Or it could just be a bit of a chuckle...

To Do:

So much stuff now it isn't funny. Still I'm feeling upbeat about actually getting stuff finished for a change ;)


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