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Welcome to the fake int13h Finger Service V2.0

Name: Nightmare
Email: nightmare@int13h.com
Description: .plan 2.0
Project: Upgrades
Last Updated: 09/03/2007 13:36:20 (GMT)

Quick update..

143 Days since the last .plan, my my, time sure flies when you are doing bugger all. It's about time we did something I feel, though what that something actually is, is anyones guess. The int13h lazyness is peaking at an all time high I think, despite Spooky's great effort with the #httpd& app. There are so many cool unfinished projects lying around its almost upsetting.

I suppose it could be all due to the pressure of WEB 2.0 taking over, I mean I don't think we are even close to being compliant which is just plain bad timing considering we just revamped the site for the 15th time. Damn, maybe we can catch WEB 3.0 when that rolls around or maybe if we try, we can get upto speed when the 2.x patches come out.

Web 2.0 in action! kekeke

There was actually a real upgrade for the int13h site recently, its the inclusion of a source code display/colourer thingy. Looks quite nice and probably will get used once and never again. Nowt wrong with fancy features once something works.

#include "stuff.h"
int dostuffforme (char* work){
	/* do it yourself... */
	return 0; 

Oh it would all be so depressing if it weren't for the awesomeness that is the rise of Vidal Baboon, we now have 2 songs under our belt and Spooky has even managed a Video for one of them which should be materializing soon enough, just needs a few tweaks here and there for the actual music track. Stay tuned for that one, its awesome.

Lots of random projects on the go as usual, I am trying to put an almost sane idea for a game into code but as usual I find some annoying stumbling block that kills all the momentum. The idea is simple, top down 2D tank game with interesting controls (proper skid steer) using two accelerators (one for each track), multiplay ofcourse and some cool random tank designs. I had envisioned doing it all in 2D with Mode 7 Style sprite rotation so the Nintendo DS seems like the ideal platform for this, I did a quick mock up with some basic code and it worked great!


Looks awesome, and rotates perfectly. So to save having to keep going back and forth from the NDS to the desktop when coding I figured it would be a nice opportunity to use SDL for getting things going quick and just focusing on the game code. Then later on find a way to have both platforms playing against eachother if possible. Oh how clear and simple things seem at this stage of design.

Cracked out some simple SDL code, ran like shit. Neither my Octane nor 1ghz Laptop could spin that tank at a half decent speed under SDL, so the solution.. OpenGL (here we go again), I like OpenGL, once you get your head around the whole 'state machine' design of it, its great. When you start thinking in 3D... its quite painful (for me anyway). Under GL it runs pretty nice but it is detracting from my vision of cool 2D tanks with random 2D functions changing them. I suppose with SDL's 2D routines I could still do the animations and such then write them to the texture. We'll see.

As usual there is more things on the go than that and as usual we can't tell you what they are as they would have even less chance of happening if we get caught up in our own hype =P



[_] Do the next round for WWW. (Actually in draft!)
[_] More Guides!
[_] More FSL!
[_] Anything Productive

[_] Finish Chaos-Eng 1.0R
[_] Start Chaos-Eng-Net Alpha
[_] Tank game thing!
[_] Project 10.5
[_] Project 21
[_] Project 42


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