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Name: Nightmare
Description: Built Chaos-eng Alpha Release for...
Project: Organised Chaos
Last Updated: 09/03/2007 13:36:20 (GMT)

Quick update..

Sometime in 2005...

Bluething 1# mkdir chaos-eng
Bluething 2# cd chaos-eng
Bluething 3# nedit main.c &


Bluething 1# wc -l *.c *.h data/*.dat | grep total
9129 total

9129... lines of code. It may have taken a few years and many 'breaks' but its still soldiering on. Chaos-eng, the idea that popped into my head on the way to the pub one day that only took the words "Dude, Chaos-MAngband" to make Spooky's eyes light up. At the time it seemed like such a simple and straight forward idea.

Make a game that played like Chaos but had Angband characters in it, "Shouldn't take long", I only have improve my 'hello world' C skills, learn a bit of Xlib functions, then maybe some networking (well its got to have networking ofcourse) and possibly some ncurses so you could play it over ssh or on a xwindowless system.

Dispite long breaks (upto half a year at a time), it's coming along quite well and actually might get finished this year =P

Here is how it looks today :

Spell Selection Screen

On the battlefield

And now there is even basic animation for items that flash different colours and later on will help with the animation of the gooeyblobs =]

On the battlefield

Most of the things that have changed since I last spoke about Chaos have been game logic changes and the addition of Trees. There is a lot I could talk about but it wouldn't seem too impressive until you play it ;)

There are a couple of bugs that are holding things up at the moment but once they are ironed out its onto adding in 'new spells from magic trees' then walls and gooey blobs and it will have reached version 1.0. At which point I may release some binaries and hopefully get a bit of feedback and some quick bug fixes if there are any (ofcourse there will be) then its onto networking and extra clients (ncurses and maybe a graphical xlib version with tiles) and setting up the 'mod' side of things for having different data files per game session.



[_] Do the next round for WWW. (Actually in draft!)
[_] More Guides!
[_] More FSL!
[_] Anything Productive

[_] Finish Chaos-Eng 1.0R (Currently at 0.7 Alpha)
[_] Start Chaos-Eng-Net Alpha
[_] Tank game thing!
[_] Project 10.5
[_] Project 21
[_] Project 42


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