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Unless you avoid the open source community like the plague you can't have helped but to notice the current retardfest that is the GPL vs BSDL battle-royal. As per usual Theo De Raadt has unleashed some vitriol tinged with fact, and as usual the GPL/Linux zealots are banging on about inconsequential and irrelevent points.

The key facts are :-

1) Only the original author can remove or change the licensing.
2) All rights remain in control of the copyright author unless SPECIFICALLY given up.

The key rants are :-

Completely irrelevent. If you use BSDL licensed code you have to keep the license intact.

By now most people who know me or who have visited this site over the years will know how I feel about Linux, zealots and the GPL... so it comes as no surprise that I'm on the BSD side of the fence but this time I think 'they' have excelled themselves.

If you've got a few hours to waste and want to confirm your belief that humanity is doomed check out a few of these links and enjoy the comment sections.


Kernel Trap


The solution is, as always, obvious and elegantly simple. We all evolve into birds and stop caring.

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As long as I don't have to be a penguin ;)

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