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Name: Nightmare
Description: chaos-eng(c) int13h 2005-2008
Project: Chaos-Eng
Last Updated: 11/02/2008 12:14:22 (GMT)

Quick update..

Chaos-eng \o/

Sprout# wc -l *.c *.h data/*.dat | grep total
12966 total

12966 Lines of chog^H^H^H^Hcode, and the best part is that it works for most part \o/

A few outstanding issues, but on the whole it looks like its nearing completion. Somewhat extended the feature list I had in my head for 1.0-RELEASE but it's for the greater good. Really wanted to see how it would look/run in console mode (ncurses) so spent a few days mashing in a new front end which was more of a benefit than I thought it was going to be, as not only can I see if there is a problem with the 'graphical' draw routines by switching front end and seeing if it happens there, but I can now see whether my bat shit crazy ideas of modularising the input/sound(lol)/graphics parts of the engine would pan out.

With some luck it looks like it worked out as planned. =D

Just a flick of a few options in the Makefile you can now turn on and off frontend modes..

# Options

Then when running the app you can run in different frontend modes..

./chaos -fx11
./chaos -fncurses

Or leave it to best guess which to use. Oddly enough you can compile chaos with no frontend at all, thus lowering the requirements to just a C compiler and a math lib =P

Speaking of frontends :

X11/Xorg goodness with flashy graphics!

NCurses frontend 'almost' there.

The NCurses frontend is going well, need to work out a good way for setting the spell colours in the arena view as the datafiles specify colours in RGB which most ncurses systems won't be able to do anything with. And there are a few keyboard oddies like the backspace not working and % signs not being displayed but these are minor issues.

So aside from the ncurses frontend issues there is only a quick fix with the line of sight checker and making sure the datafiles are correct and balanced then it's in a releasable state finally.

Then after a little while of some stress testing for bugs I'll look at creating a network version, oh yes...

In non-chaos related news, nothing really been going on apart from Vidal Baboon rocking my world and yours. int13h related content is at a possible all time low but no one ever visits us anyway unless they are looking for the only Gigabyte 10/100 mini-switch review on the whole intarwebz.



[_] Do the next round for WWW. (Actually in draft!)
[_] More Guides!
[_] More FSL!
[X] Anything Productive \o/

[_] Finish Chaos-Eng 1.0-RELEASE (Currently at 1.0-BETA 2)
[_] Start Chaos-Eng-Net Alpha
[_] Tank game thing!
[_] Project 10.5
[_] Project 21
[_] Project 42


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