9 Years and a Warning!

Al Gore may have invented t3h int4rw3bz or whatever, but we've done much worse. We invented blogging. I know this is a bold claim but like the all best crackpot statements we can't prove it, and you'll be hard pressed to deny it.

1999, in a dank little corner of the world, in place known to only a select few as Hampshire a group of individuals thought it would be a good idea to create a web based finger replacement so they could make a point of never updating it. It soon spiraled out of all control and turned into int13h.com. Now most of our regular reader(s) will know that we're absolutely unflinching in our proclaiming that we're not a Blog, so why the sudden change of heart?

Well we come from upon high with a warning - We saw the blogosphere coming... and we had the good enough sense to avoid it. We experimented with inconsequential posts about me strangling Mare, what music we were listening too and what our moods were, and from these misplaced steps we realised that the more drivel you produce, the more diluted the information super-canal-o-phone becomes. This means search engines fail and only a semantic web can save us.... Bollocks!

My point? Well isn't obvious? We don't update because we're here to save THE INTERNET!


This post makes me sad...

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By Nightmare |

I wonder if we can patent the 'Blog' with our 'prior art' and either retroactively charge an extortionate licensing fee, driving all blog sites out of business, or just sue them into oblivion for patent infringement? And please never use the word 'blogosphere' again unless swinging an axe into its inventor's face. It gives you eye herpes just reading it.

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this is a comment.

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