PC Gaming is dead... long live PC gaming!

So whats coming out this year to look forward to being bitterly disappointed with?

Aliens : Colonial Marines - "The squad-based shooter will support four-player cooperative play, and is set to hit stores within the year."

Portal 2 - "Stop what you are doing and assume the party escort submission position, or you will miss the party."

Quake Live - Free Quake 3? does it get any better than this?

Left 4 Dead - Co-op Zombie Love-in.

Half Life : Episode 3 - Do we really need to explain this one?

Fallen Empires - 'Spiritual Sequel' to Tribes.

Duke Nukem Forever - Apparently.

Rage - Maybe this year, doubt it though.

Rainbow Six : Vegas 2 - They couldn't make it much worse could they?

Space Seige - Dungeon Siege in space? get the beers in!

Flatout Ultimate Carnage - Flatout 2.5 \o/

Spore - Create weird freaky creatures and conquer the universe with them.


Elite IV - Coming out this year ofcourse... =P

That should keep us going for a while, in the mean time it's back to Team Fortress 2.


I can almost taste the disappointment from here. Still I have a slight twinge of hope about Fallen Empires... Tribes 2 needs a sequel.

Elite IV in 20**, woohoo!

By Spooky |

Spoo, can you register MKC for Elite 4 clanbase please?

By Omen |

Elite IV in 20**,

thats a bit optimistic.

By Armageddon |

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