Not Tribes!

Woo! Now available for your personal consumption, the 'spiritual' successor to the Tribes series, Fallen Empire: Legions! Grab the open beta and give it a whirl.

please don't be anything like Tribes 3, please.... =(


As long as there are big deployable vehicles, deployable sensors and turrets, heavy armour and fusion motars I'll be a happy chappy.Oh, and as long as Nightmare can steal the other teams vehicles and drop target markers on their important stuff... "Hey what's that green smoke?" *BOOM*

Basically I want Tribes 2 and it's community back! :(

By Spooky |

That's quite interesting, not bad. The whole running from a browser is a bit naff. Would be awesome if they just released it on Steam =P

By Nightmare |

Tribes ++;
Steam ++;
Tribes + Steam = FTW

That is all

By Spooky |

Heavy Engine Console
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