Get your /dev on!

Christening our new /dev section today is our first of an ultimately poor collection of articles about Coding and such. So if you fancy trying to destroy your FreeBSD box today, head on over and read about...

Totally Awesome FreeBSD Kernel Coding!



now how do I do the same for my ARP based nintendo DS operating system...

By PmI |

Completely off topic but it appears that what ever mechanism you use to sort your comments appears to sort on day first? See the Doom 4 comments (my comment just now appears second from top).
PS: Being a lazy bastard is there any chance you can make the banner a hyperlink to the mainpage too (as 20% of your readershipt I'm wagering I can get away with this request without you banning my IP :P)

By Xeelee |

FFS Gav, must you break everything? So is this it? we get a 'visitor' and now we have to do some work? well fuck you and the horse you rode in on.... We don't need no stinking 'visitors'...

Feel free to buy some quality int13h merchandise though.. snoochies ;D

By Nightmare |

Man i cant wait to try this!!!

By Omen |

Do you even know what it is Omen?

By Nightmare |

Forgot that Omen visits here, make that 16.6% of your readership :P (good stuff btw)

By Xeelee |

Would you like to know what it is??

By Omen |

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