The new int13h uber server - Gibson / Vidal Baboon / Madness


Welcome to the fake int13h Finger Service V1.0!

Name: Spooky
Description: Evil unix genius.
Project: The new int13h uber server - Gibson / Vidal Baboon / Madness
Last Updated: 22/07/08


Quick Update:

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Gibson. After a short stint with a Sun Ultra 40, the mighty Gibson has finally returned to it's spiritual home. Once again he resides on hardware way above spec, chuffed up with more connectivity than we could possibly need and it most definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Although it's not an SGI it is a Sun SPARC box (which does seem to be how we roll these days.. thanks Sun :x ) and it is running Solaris, so I can keep a little element of Unix eliteness about it all. The machine is an absolute beast and although I'd rather keep a little schtum about the actual box lets just say that it's got all the clocks that rock in one little box.

On the Baboon front things are looking most excellent! We have a new guitarist who despite being an Indie loving floppy haired freak is rounding the baboon sound off nicely. Many may know him as Andy from Beware The Kraken, but we know him as The Ig! Also the search is well underway for a proper vocalist and there are a few candidates in the running, but of course we'll keep you posted. We threw out a cursing concrete video a few weeks ago which has gone down rather well for us... at least 4 people have watched it of their own accord! So... erm, yeah the hard rocking world of talentless apes is spinning in the right direction. Now if only we had some decent songs of our own so we could churn out a demo ;)


So, a slightly condensed long story...

Magic was drunk, I was drunk, in fact we were all drunk. Magic suggested that we should all buy a car and drive to Africa. Everyone agreed that was a brilliant idea. I sobered up and it all sounded too easy. I decided to make it more of a challenge and flesh the idea out a bit. The vehicle could be anything but mustn't cost more than £400 and the trip would be to Marrakesh and back in 6 days. At this point everyone flaked out. I was going to do it alone on my £250 1987 Kawasaki GPX750 when Nightmare had a better idea.

The int13h UK World Tour! We're hitting the road and heading to a motorway that might possibly be somewhere near you! The plan is simple, from Portsmouth to Lands End to John O'Groats and back... in a long weekend. 500+ miles a day of fabulous British countryside. 4 nights of lethal exposure to the elements (camping as it is otherwise known). Fuel costs likely to exceed the gross national product of an African nation. Expect photos, videos and extreme sickness... and then next year it's Morroco or bust baby!


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