No, really... seriously! Would I lie to you? OMGZ Elite 4!

The mighty BreadBin has spoken! He has descended from upon high and in a short (as in microscopic) interview with Develop magazine has confirmed the existence of Elite 4. In particular that some magical codey bits of it may be closed to finished.

Frontier Developments is close to finalising the technology that will power Elite 4, the long-awaited sequel to boss David Braben's space adventure series.

Ok, so this is good. Although there's no mention of what any of this technology actually is, it's ok because it's ALMOST FINISHED!!

He said that the game itself "had not been forgotten" and that it would be released after his political adventure game epic The Outsider is released next year.

Whoa, Deja vu. However this is the most concrete statement we've seen on Elite 4 since 2001 so if it's alright with you I'm gonna go ahead and spend the next year or so in a state of perpetual excitement.

Hopefully I wont be needing this ever again


Excellent, I'll start warming up my military drive engines then!

pew pew pew thargoids!

By Omen |

Finally! With the accumulated mileage on my Cobra it's about time for a trade-in :P

By RvdK |

Do you get free 'space tax' on a Cobra for being a classic?

By Warchild |

The development lifecycle is threatening to become more open ended than the game

By Xeelee |

Heavy Engine Console
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