Behind you! No, behind you... oh shit! They are coming out the godammed walls!

Zombies, lots of zombies...

First up, Left 4 Dead. A game by Valve where you and a few friends get some guns and go out on the town for some hot zombie action, be prepared to get overwhelmed by hoards and hoards of zombies running in your direction. Comes out tomorrow!

Next up, unless you have been living under a very large rock that didn't have a computer with a net connection that happened to be logged into #int13h over the last few weeks. The Mighty Vidal Baboon have released a couple of super mega awesome comedy horror punk inspired songs for your listening pleasure.

Titled The Two Hits From Hell, two songs with two spiffing videos! so get clicking so we can feel like we've actually got some kind of following =D


Heavy Engine Console
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