Tribes 2, It's back! (And free!)

Tribes 2, quite possibly the 2nd greatest game ever created in whole of the universe ever... It lived, it died, people left and servers were shut down. But now new ones are back! That's right bitches, ski yourself over to Tribes Next and grab yourself a copy.

I'll be waiting in the middle of Katabatic, with a Jericho by my side and funny green smoke approaching your base.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Match begins now! Starwolf Scores!


Your flag has been mined...

Shh, don't tell Warchild, we'll never manage to get him off the 24/7 Katabatic Servers.

By Nightmare |

I got your number! I got all your numbers!

By Warchild |


By Nightmare |

Heavy Engine Console
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