Some good news for a change!

It's a hard world in which we live, made even more so recently due to this global economic crisis. However you can of course rely on int13h in these toughest of times to offer you a glimmer of hope, a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise apocalyptic sky.


Remember when you were a kid and monster munch seemed ninja massive? When the aroma of radioactive pickled onion wafted across every playground? When you could still go to an arcade and play a sit down Outrun cab for 20p? Well now you can relive those glory days again... well all except the Outrun part.

J O Y!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of said godlike snacks as I couldn't stop eating them for long enough to press the 'click' button. So erm anyway... woohoo! World saved, you may go back about your business.


Thank god, I though they were winning the war on obesity. Now Monster Munch saves us and we can gorge ourselves on crisps and fatty snacks!

By Mike |

Great, now I don't have to keep buying out of date packets off ebay and spending the night puking! \\o/

By Nightmare |

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