Please make it stop!


Look out John Carmack and Peter Molyneux here comes the mighty Vincent Collura. I mean who could forget his seminal classic 'BikeHorn(c)' or the award winning 'FakePager(c)' not to mention the best selling 'TapTutor(c)'. The list goes on and on. I dread to think how mankind could possibly have survived another couple of thousand years without Mr Collura's inventiveness. Of course when you woke up this morning the first thing you did was fire up the good ol' 'DandruffDetector' to check the state of your scalp.

Thank goodness for


Christ on bike! This guy should have been culled at birth to prevent anymore damage to our ever degrading genepool. He seems hell bent of flooding the winCE market with his own brand of 'inventive' tripe. In the name of all that is good and pure please don't visit this site. If you see Mr Collura please do not approach him. He is to be considered insane and extremely dangerous.


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