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Top 5 Sites To Consult When You Really Need To Get Some Work Done

5) kotaku.com

Cross-industry news is important, and I think we can all agree that if games inspire school shootings one has a civil duty to take a brief moment to make sure one is aware of all the dangers that threaten us in every day life, irrespective of whether or not we're on the job, or relaxing in the pool with two or three well oiled brazillian beauties.

4) icanhascheezburger.com

Not to be confused with deplorable fast food requests, icanhascheezburger is an important inspiration motivator through the established medium of, some would say meme entreched, captioned graphical representations of feles familiaris in a variety of confrontational settings. It is important to not just honour our feline overlords with a visit to their shrines, but our social responsibility to be amused at their poor grammar, too.

3) theregister.co.uk

One cannot do one's job unless one is on top of the IT news world. Also, they have vultures, but this is a fact that pales in comparison to the presence of rare and incidental BOFH posts, which fuel our economy. You wouldn't want to damage the economy, now would you?

2) fmylife.com

Getting broad-level input regard personal experience in a wide variety of settings is an important aspect of any job. Particularly if it concerns being a highschool girl and walking naked into your garden only to discover your parents threw you a surprise party and you're bearing it all to your entire class. These are important issues, and can serve as valuable ersatz-experience in your work life.

1) int13h.com

Holy shit there's new content! ... okay, done reading, is there more new content? How about now? K, what about now? Now? ....... Now, then? Maybe if I stab voodoo a little... how about now?

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