Does that require work?

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Name: PmI
Description: Playing the world like a piano wire bass guitar
Project: does that require work?
Last Updated: just now O_O


It's been a good year so far. A foreign fest in my own house, a Spooky acknowledging that Vancouver is, in fact, one of the best places in the world (and swearing to destroy my face as well as various vital organs) for recommending a most delicious cold beverage - all that and I'm coming up to being done rewriting a book that you'll likely never buy! (unless you study Japanese).

Of course this means I'll have to pace myself later in the year. Maybe take over France, something a bit more quiet.

So my plan is to ignore having to do anything other than kicking ass and bringing int13h heavy industries to the forefront of industrial domination, and become a captain of industry. Then become a pirate.

(There are three ninja's in that paragraph)

Also, just for the record: First plan update in 2009 in int13h circles! ... oh shit that meant I wasn't lazy


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