Whoa! Linguistic geniususness... that's a word right?

Pomax, our official European representative and all round super-genius has been locked away in his secret (not)underground lair for what literally feels like minutes putting together his magnum opus. Look upon it's beautiful horror and weep!

The Nihongoresources Grammar Book

I don't have a bloody clue what it's about but there's a really awesome section on dogs and dinners... which I did, well, helped with. Ok, I really just suggested that the dinner should eat the dog, but it was a monumental addition to what is otherwise quite simply the best DocuWiki on Japanese grammar you'll read today!



Come on man, don't leave us hanging, did he find the cup or what?!

By Nightmare |

It's more of a metaphysical cup than one grounded in percepts. We can say the "cup" was never found, although it is quite possible that ultimately, the "cup", or perhaps better put, "cup", was found.

By PmI |

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