Let the games begin!!

int13h Heavy Industries presents a munging of web technology awesomeness. Yeah that's right, we took web 1.0, web 2.0 and sprinkled a bit of json, turnip, cdc and other assorted acronyms to recreate a game from the 1979 right here in your very own browser.

Its got circles, pews, triangles and fuddymucking BEAM lazers in it. So head to PEW PEW!! right now and set a highscore before DarKOmeN comes along and obsessively ruins it for everyone!


hello, I'm the wanky shit demon!

By G0ok |

Hi-Score LOLZ, joo can pwn me supcom lol i dnt care!1 lols but teh pew pews i r teh gretest!11

By DarKOmeN |

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