Look at the shiny shiny!

How typical is this, as soon as you take down the xmas decorations you realise what a shit heap the place looks. Time to break out the wall paper stripper and rip all that crap down. A quick trip down to Homebase and a long weekend and what do we have here, a nice clean new website. Lets see how long the shine lasts before we let it rot this time =D

So, what is new? well for probably the first time in possibly a decade, we've actually changed the content structure of the site. Gone are the sections and news reel, now its just all content all the time. Everything is bundled into this front page listing and if its too big to fit, then just click the Read More link or the title and it will display in its full glory. The items can be sorted by tags if you want to filter down by type.

There is a sidebar to your right that contains various nonesense and can be collapsed by hitting the >>> button above it in the nav bar.

The comments system has also been given a overhaul, you can now comment on any content on the site not just news items. Let's see how long it is before the spam bots learn to out wit it and if we need to release the Cows again.

Feel free to bitch and moan about change and bugs in the comments and if it actually works and we bother to read it we might do something about it.



"I prefer the old site... I can actually read this one"

There got it out of the way.

By Spooky |

Oh my god this is awesome! Also, where's the coffee readout? btw, I heard about this get rich quick scheme that's based on '); "); create table lols (name text); insert into lols (name) values ('lols!'); and apparently it gets you FREE VIAGRA AND CIALIS! But only if you marry a russian porn star. 8======D~

By Pomax |

Needs more cows.

By Warchild |

More cows? There are plenty already on here if you can find them =P

By Nightmare |

mmmmmmmm i like your shiny new website!!! :D x

By Zozo |

This site is special totally awesome brilliant nice work spoon.

By Flipflop |

Nowt to do with me. This is all the handy work of Mare and Voodoo.

I just organise, drink coffee and shout.

By Spooky |

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