A formal appology regarding the lack of posts.

I feel I must appologise to BOTH of our regular readers for the lack of updates recently. This has been due, in the main part, to us being otherwise enganged. I'm now going to stick my head on the chopping block and admit that it's all my fault. I take complete responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the current mangband server. I can only appologise and give you my word that in between games we will make a concerted effort to post something. Now if you'll excuse me I just need to stick this holy avenger right up this disgusting little o's 'chutney burrow'(tm).


...the O's... oh my god.. not the O's!! AAARRRGGHH THEY ARE CHASING ME!!! HEEELLLLPPPPPPPPP!

By Nightmare (Champion Warrior Lv.29) |

My level 3 Ranger just got slaughtered at the town (again).... ARSE!!!

By VooDoo |

Heavy Engine Console
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