ECTS 2000

ECTS (or why is Spooky the only one in this meager batch of pics?)
Wow you're so perceptive. Yes, they ARE only 4 images. The reason for this is quite simple: there weren't enough fluffy womanish thingies wobbling about the TS-floor.. and that one that got away.. well, she got away.

Erotica-Island stand

Yes Spooky that's cleavage. Nice eh? you bastard. I bet she smelled good too... I should've let you take MY picture... Grrr..

Who are these orange-pinkish lovebunnies??

Well, I don't know. Much like I'm oblivious to many things. Things that I don't know spring to mind. but I DID get a picture.

Oi! what's Spooky doing to that fake woman!?

Spooky, let us explain. if it's not squishy and fleshy and warm and soft.. it's highly likely it's either a furry animal (put down the kangaroo) or a figurine... THIS is a figurine... stop touching her arse. You DID give her back, right? (if you didn't, I'll be over very soon)

Well, really..

Again, it's Spooky. You poor sods should've stayed with me and Spooky.. now you don't have pictures of you with funky women who are probably wearing NOTHING underneath their single-piece boxing robes. And the fact that she's wearing padding can only mean she's into rough stuff. Which makes us wonder why she's holding Spooky... must have been the hat!

Sadly that's it. There is no more. The reason has already been explained, but I'll say it again: there were not enough woman-like things being frisky and young on the trade show floor. Also, that woman who was supposed to be that secret agent from that one game with 70's looks hid in the Intel stand 'personel-only' bit... and since we weren't allowed in there, and we didn't have enough tranquilizer to stun the whole of ECTS, we let it be. but ONLY because of that.

"Meager" you say? Yes of course it was meager! YOU BASTARD! If you wanted more pics, why weren't you there!? Ah, sod you then. Rest assured, provided I'm there again NEXT year, we'll have more pictures. Of more women if possible, of the same women if we must. And hopefully less of Spooky to ruin the shots with his mug ;) ... And preferably some snaps from the darkroom. For women-Only... And PmI... Yes, that would be grand.

Now then: one last Thing: Spooky, where's those movies ;)


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