WWW Introduction

World Tournament 2001

Hello and Welcome to the first Who Would Win? Tournament. A tournament about skill and luck, Strengh's and weaknesses and a little bit of life and death but above all this tournament will answer the ultimate question of who is better. How is this done? we pair off 16 combatents and face them off against eachother in a battle to the death, the winner then advances and fights the winner of another fight. Eventually the tournament will wittle down to two combatents that will fight it out in some hideously over the top death arena which we will make up towards the end and the winner of that fight will recieve a cash sum of ?10,000,000 paid in full in monopoly notes.

As always the int13h crew will be on hand to give you the punch by punch updates as only we can. sit back and wait as this may take some time to finish..


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