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Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks are nasty, they can cripple almost any servers not set up with a top notch security system. Many a big name website has been brought to their knees after being beaten, kicked and punched into submission by the massive floods of packets aimed at stopping all traffic both inbound and outbound of the server. Although these attacks are bad for the server operators to handle, they do make an interesting read... Step in the real life Bastard Operator From Hell.

I hope it is becoming clear to everyone reading this,that we can not have a stable Internet economy while 13 year-old children are free to deny arbitrary Internet services with impunity.

Revenge is sweet... Check it out here.


Unfortunately this is price we have to pay for free information. Although you can point the finger at the 13 year old hacker I don't believe he and his kind are ultimately the cause. The fault lies with us, the people responsible for the commercialisation and mass marketing of the internet. You see I used to be feverently against e-commerce and coporate presences even though I was responsible for the servers that kept them running but there comes a point where you have no choice but to conform. Before we start blaming OS manufacturers and ISPs we should take a look at what we've done. We've created the targets. We've created the weapons and we've pushed them firmly into the hands of people like this angry 13 year old. Think about it.

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