WWW Round 1

Round #1



Realname: Unknown
Age : Unknown
Height : 7'4"
Weight : 400 lbs.
Weapons : Wrist Blades / Throwing disc / Spear Gun / Sholder Cannon / Nuclear Device


Realname: Clarke Kent
Age : 80-ish
Height : 6"
Weight : 180 lbs.
Weapons : Lazer eye things / frosty breath

Pre match comments

Nightmare : I am going to have to side with SuperMan on this one.

Spooky : Why?

Nightmare : Because you are going to pick Predator arent you?

Spooky : well, yeah. How about you Voodoo?

Voodoo : I have a good feeling that this will be a Double Disquallification.

Nightmare : Playing it safe eh? Well I am gonna go with SuperMan I suppose because, err, well, he... AH! he is invincable and stuff apart from that whole Kryptonite issue I think he is a sure winner. I mean after all unless you believe what happened in the comic, he cant be killed.

Voodoo : What happened in the comic?

Nightmare : He died. It was on the cover, thats as far as I got.

Spooky : ??? moving on.. why did you say Double Disquallification Voodoo?

Voodoo : Well I choose Double Disquallification because I believe The Preditor gets bitchslapped about a bit and uses his Nuclear Device to kill everybody instead of fighting it out.

Nightmare : What a fag. Well Spooky you might as well plead your case.

Spooky : Pah, shows what you both know! Listen up girlies while I explain how this is gonna go down. Superman comes out talking shit and trys to pimpslap the pred'ster. The ultimate hunter ain't in the mood for none of his faggot quiffy shee-at, and sticks his 'unkwown element' wristblade right up 'Clark Bent's' ass-pipe. Fight over. Biatches.


Behind the facade of this inccocent looking bookstore.... Clarke Kent is looking all smarmy unknowing that the Predator is standing on the roof top looking down on our un-spandexed up super hero.

Nightmare : Right here we go.. As expected the Predator lets out his yelp of doom and initiates his cloaking shit. Clarke looks worried and takes off his glasses and heads toward the nearest phone booth.

Spooky : That's it, run away pussy boy... ***THHUD*** Oh my god, two large foot shaped indents have appeared in front of the phone booth. I can see the predator de-cloaking... this looks bad for journalist boy. But wait, he's opening the door for him. Now that's sportsmanship Nightmare!

Nightmare : Wow, I did not expect that! Is clarke going to trust him? Stupidly yes. Clarke walks into the booth and starts his spinny round crap but The Predator rips the booth from the gound and raises it high above his head before tossing it down the back ally. Wow that phone booth has stopped in mid air and is now heading back toward the Predator!

Spooky : And the big guy gets that one right in face... ILLEGAL MOVE Nightmare! He's up and he looks pissed. He's kicked open the door and Oh my god... thats gotta hurt...he's got superslag by the love onions. That'll put some more curl in his quiff.

Nightmare : Ouch! that will annoy Lois, but wait, SuperMan is doing that frosty breath thing he does and it seems to be working... yes.. The Predator is looking slighty disturbed!

Spooky : How's old minge face gonna come back from this one? If he doesn't get himself unfrosted quick this could be all over.

Nightmare : Now if only he would let go off Super's testicular assembly then I could stop cringing!

Spooky : Oh man, I gotta admit I thought it would go better than this for el'predo. He looks like he down and out and... Wait... His funny laser targeting system's come on. What's he gonna do with that? ***ZAPPPP**** Holy cow! His shoulder cannon has just let rip with a mighty burst of what I can only assume is plasma...

Nightmare : Thats what it looks like from here.

Spooky : Will you shut the hell up... Anyway its hit the guy in underpants straight in chest and he's been blown right into the stratosphere...HOME RUN!!!

Nightmare : Well I guess its over then.... No wait! whats that in the sky? is it a bi...

Spooky : SHUT UP! SHUT UP NOW!!!

Nightmare : Ok... I'm sorry, He's back and it looks like he has brought the Mir space station with him! ***Thawonk!*** He lands a Mir space station right in the Predators kisser! That's not a pretty sight.

Spooky : That's an illegal foreign object Nightmare! Come on ref, disqualify superman!

Voodoo : YEAH BABY!!

Spooky : Oi, Shut it! Predator is looking pretty peaved. I dont think super should have done that. What is el'predo doing... He's just calmly walking over to superman.

Nightmare : I dont think he swallowed that one well... He's looking a bit congested. The Pred'man is holding his stomach..

Spooky : Forget about that... He's taken off his mask and is looking super right in the eyes. What's he doing? He's reaching for his shoulder cannon... He's taken it off. He seems to be saying something to the freak in the tights... ***BUUUURP*** WHOA I hope you guys at home didn't hear that!

Nightmare : Now thats totally disgusting... He burped right in his face!! SuperMan is looking a bit pale.. And he's.. Collapsed on the floor?!! Whats happened? SuperMans out for the count, he's not moving.. I don't believe it, the Ref is holding the Predators hand up in victory!? What just happened here Spooky?!

Voodoo : Sorry to interrupt but earlier on I was in the resturant with the Predator. I was chowing down on some reather fine meatball sub and I noticed that the Predator had ordered the Kryponite and Peanut butter sandwich. To be honest I think he enjoyed his meal too much as he ordered one to go!

Spooky : If we take a look at the last couple of seconds of superman's pitiful attempt at a fight in slowmo... And... Yup... Right there you can see el'predo lets rip with a beauty of burp. It's a toxic facefull and the last son of krypton is down and out. Finito. The predman takes it and goes on to the next round. It's early in the competition but from what we've seen so far the smart moneys gotta be on The Predator. He looks very much like a force to reckoned with.

Nightmare : Top. Let's see how the table looks now.


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