Now where can I place my pint?

Ompa-loompa.. Frightening words I can assure you, as those who have seen the film WillyWonka's chocolate factory will agree, those little midgets can sure scare you. So how do you get your own back? enter into the world of Midget tossing. Thats right people throw midgets down bowling alleys. dont believe me? take a look here

My midget tossing bar opening soon will feature 10-15 midgets nightly for your tossing pleasure. We will have over 100 different beers in stock, and we will also feature Midget Samplers of our drafts. It is sure to be the hottest bar on the east coast.
Now hiring an all midget wait staff and valet staff. Wait staff must be able to balance a tray on their heads and the valet staff must be able to drive a car with wooden blocks on their feet so that they can reach the pedals. Inquiries should email below.Carnival Experience Preferred.


Heavy Engine Console
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