'For it is written, they shall come from the sky bearing great knowledge, a truly bizarre sense of humor... and possibly some alcohol'

The inscription found on a cave wall in the late 19th century. Foretelling the arrival of the great ones, it was hidden away from the public for fear of panic. They knew that one day the great ones would arrive and raise humanity to the next stage of evolution. Well, actually they couldn't make it so they asked if we could 'fill in'. Well guess what... we're already here. We have already begun the sharing of great knowledge, our sense of humor has already baffled you and much much more importantly... here comes Voodoo with the keg. Now sit your dumb asses down and let me spin you a yarn... the history of int13h.

Who are int13h and can they be destroyed?

int13h is primarily the efforts of 3 truely deranged individuals, without whom I'm willing to bet nothing at all would be different, but what the hey...


The root of all this madness. Originally bearing the name 'Slightly dangerous normaly exploding microwave dude' in 1990 he formed a small collection of individuals known as 'The Hive'. They did nothing and achieved even less. Fresh from this success he roamed the earth for a few years before deciding that the time had come. In 1998 something really quite pointless happened. He changed his name to Spooky, recruited the assistance of a certain Voodoo and the rest as they say is history. Many have the oppinion that he would make a better brick layer than a techie. This of course is simply just not true!


Age: 23
Sex: Male
Job: Fearless Leader
Skills: Network techie, Literary madness
Likes: Thrash, Punk, Rogue Spear, Quake, NT/Win2k
Dislikes: Dance, Microsoft Bashers, Macs, Script Kiddies

On the spot quote: "Don't be daft!"


The ying to Spookys yang whatever the hell thats means. The other perpetrator of the second coming. Often to be found with his head in pages and pages of SQL code. There's no reason for it, its just the way he likes it. 'Gifted' with the ability to destroy anything electrical that he touches which is more than little disturbing given his profession. We've pinned it down to a huge negative potential. The only person on the planet capable of downing a 2 litre bottle of coke in one.... in under 30 seconds!


Age: 23
Sex: Male
Job: Field Support Operative
Skills: Code god, Database and ASP goodness.
Likes: Subway, Pizza, Red Bull, Quake, Rogue Spear, Bar'B'Que
Dislikes: Work, Microsoft Bashers, Dance, Macs, Eggs, Fiats

On the spot quote: "hmmmm, Subway"


The final piece of the puzzle. Nightmare joined the fold in 1999, adding his own special brand of madness to the proceedings. He has the reactions of a 5 year old caffeine addicted speed freak which allows him to be annoyingly good at every game ever. Despite this Spooky still allows him to live. Spends his free time front flipping and looking after the web page. Rumor has it that he has been know to frequent the odd fest (Fest: Lan party) or two. He always plays the 'Ryu' character in beat'em ups.


Age: 18
Sex: Male
Job: Communications Agent
Skills: Web page goings on, general strangeness.
Likes: Dreamcast, Quake, 3D Studio Max, Rave Music, his SL1200's
Dislikes: Commercial Dance, Microsoft Bashers,Macs

On the spot quote: "I want to go home and play q3a!"

But it takes more than 3 to tango...

Although the combined forces of these 3 individuals are enough to topple small governments its not enough to keep the physical embodiment of all things int13h strong. We must not forget the followers. These are people who have taken it upon themselves to contribute to this twisted little project. Although not being fully fledged members they deserve at least on honorable mention.


If there was ever competition to see who could get highly trained lobsters to perform strange sexual acts whilst bungee jumping from flying sheep he would be the winner. This dutch nutcase is responsible for more insanity than we'd like to put our name to.

Age: 20
Sex: Male...

On the stop quote: "Step back... I can feel an ISO 3163 coming on!"

Weyhey... the gangs all here.

So you now you know the names, some of you may even know the faces. But do you know what we do? Do you comprehend the true genius of it all? If you do... could you let us now. We still haven't sussed it out yet. But rest assured that we will not stop until our nameless task is completed. We will continue to fill the gaps in the information superhighway with our own brand of nonsense concrete ensuring that you get a smooth ride. Remember no matter what you do, where you do it or who you do it with... it's already ours.

int13h. If you have to ask you'll never know.


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