I wanna be 14 again

No No No, not so I can go back to school and watch the girls run round in their netball skirts. If I wanna do that I can just walk down to the end of my road. (although I am not sure of the ramifications)

I wanna go back so I can watch all the old cartoons and kids shows that were on in those days. Well without the aid of some sort of time machine this is never going to happen and thats why I bring you the next best thing.
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Posted By - Spooky

Many a saturday morning was spent improving my ability to solve mysteries involving abstract diamond smuggling operations in old abandoned castles. That just HAPPEN to be haunted by the evil one spleened ghosts of American civil war hero's.

Rhud Rhun Rhaggy.

By Spooky |

Dont lie Spook's. Your saturday mornings were spent drooling over Daphnee!!

By Armageddon |

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