The quick and the dead

Picture it. You are drinking in your favourite saloon. A royal flush in your hand and a pile of gold on the table. Missy informs you that your favourite ho is back in town. The only thing in your way is sitting opposite you. Quick draw Barry Mgraw. The meanest Tobacco chewer in the west with a poker face to match. The time to show your cards comes. You win the gold but old quick draw takes offense and a showdown at dawn is the only answer. Would you have the reflexes to defeat him and get your groove on with the hooker? or would you lie dead in a pool of blood. Hard question to answer without some sort of test. Luckily I have found such a thing. Just click the link and see if you would beat ol'quick draw. by the way I scored 0.15 seconds.

The Reflex Tester


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