One minute I was standing there.. next minute I was dead.

News just in...Super Hereos dont exsist! Yes you read that right they dont exsist and no matter how many comics you read or how many batman sequels appear, the basic fact still remains - they are not real. So how does the world get saved every week from nuclear death and destruction by non-conformist israeli super villans? SPEACIAL FORCES thats how! Now the chances of you becoming one of these are quite low as you dont have the will power or mAd 5k1llz to survive the training. So the next best thing to do is buy the game. =)

As many an int13h member will tell you, games like rouge spear are the mutts nuts when it comes to mixing stratagy and mindless violence. Well Ghost Recon is a game we have mentioned before and is set to be the offical sequel to the whole Rainbow 6 / Rouge Spear series and it is shaping up to be an incredible game. The good old folks at IGN have updated their preview which can be found by clicking this free, all expenses paid link... err.. here.

Shame about the ones who go crazy and leave the special forces.. they can be such a pain. Sleep well.


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