Sony are determined to start World War III.

As I casually strolled into int13h towers this morning Nightmare thrust this disgusting pile of bullshit under my nose. This story is almost becoming an Urban Legend.

Sony have been 'asked' by America and Japan not to sell PS2's in China for fear that it may be used as a weapon. Didn't Sony spout the same drivel about certain middle-eastern countries just before the PS2 was launched? Anyways check out shortnews's short article on it here.

What about the upcoming Xbox and GameCube machines. Could they be used to develope an army of hyper-inteligent cyborg pandas hell-bent on the destruction of the west?
Is the GameBoy Advance really just a tool for communist propaganda?
Was SNK put out of business because it's NeoGeo Pocket Color machines were not infact being used to play Metal Slug but were being modified into anti-aircraft missile guidance systems.
Did SEGA stop producing the dreamcast hardware because... oh bollocks to it!



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