Anybody got any spare liquid nitrogen?

So anyway, after strolling into int13h towers 40 minutes late thus missing an important training course, I thought I'd have a peek at the usual morning reads. Swiftly glancing over the ever synical IT wit and sarcasm at The Register I came across their post on the latest Intel desktop roadmap. Well bugger me backwards and call me Herman Goering if my eager little peepers didn't see the Celery Tualatin 1.4GHz planned for Q2 2002.

At this point both Nightmare and myself turned to each other and in stereo did utter the words... 150FSB and SMP. Just whack a gig of Corsair 150 in there and tweak that bad boy until his nipples fall off. 2.1GHz per chip. Two of? Ooooh suits you sir. Now, how to build a pelter out of a coffee jar? Maybe just a little bit of LN2 could be just what the doctor ordered.


You can almost smell the burning silicon... ahhh =)

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