Its ALIVE!!!!!

Finaly after a large pizza and lots of caffine we have a new and improved interface for the int13h website.
Netscape users will find this a huge improvement, the site will no-longer kill your browsers......
(much to spooky's disapointment)
Well, its late now and not even the affects of hot java lava will keep me going....

If you have any comments about the new interface please send them to /dev/null =-)


Die netscape die...

Seriously tho, well done Voomeister

By Spooky |

Sites looking alright but when you going to fix the barry cam?

By Magic |

nothing important really...............

By Anonymous |

(mental note: type comment then hit submit.)
So I see you've worked out how to use the whole screen known

By Wizzard |

We knew how to use the whole screen anyway.... cheeky bast!

By Spooky |

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