oh dear.... *RANT*

Well kiddies it looks like we had some trouble, those of you that tried to get to the site over the last 24hours might have suspected that something was amiss and you know what? you might have been right to suspect that something was amiss. The mighty Gibson (the int13h server o' doom) is a bit of a delicate beast and does not like being moved but seeing as it was getting kicked by Spookys feet on a daily basis we decided it might be an idea to put him (Gibson, not Spooky)into our newly stolen Vero Racking Cab and so we did.

Everything looked good.. we moved the gibby one and once in the cab and fired up everything was looking good until I thought I would look into the heavly modified Gibson case and I noticed that one of his processor fans (he has two cpus naturally =P) had stopped going round making him a bit warm, how long this had been issue is unknown. So we replace the faultly fan connections and away we go. "Oh dear" was the next thought to go through our minds. Those of you who have been with us from the start will know that Gibsons system drive likes to die anytime we touch him and so the latest harddrive decided to say its fairwell with a nice BSOD and be on its merry way on to the 'Test Of No Return' shelf for decimation at a later date.

This left us with an ugly situation. No food and a late night ahead made us call in Voodoo's mad pizza ordering skillz and like a fly to horseshit he was gone, ordering who knows what. After many, many, many hours of our time (mainly the Spooky due to his mad server installing skillz) we have at 4:45pm go Gibson back on his feet with his new (not found in a skip) system harddrive and a speed boast to boot. Love it!

Next week on int13h...Gibson?s system drive falls over and many a sleepless night is experienced for the system admins at the int13h towers. And Jessie Louise barthwith! Confesses her undying love for the mule with no name in a rotating restaurant in Paris. And Nightmare, gone insane from making 20 network cables finally passes out and revels the location of the big cursed gem that holds the secret to life..

Have fun kiddlings!


PH33R /\Y M4D 53RV3R R3BU1LD1NG 5K1LLZ!!!

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