On me 'ead son!

Adverts, they are everywhere. Its hard to go anywhere with out seeing adverts screaming out 'LOOK AT ME!', be it bright colours on a big billboard or annoying flashy pop-ups on a webpage that ruin a nice evenings surfing it is a fact that they are here to say. So what is the next step in advertising? what are they going to do? advertise on the human body? Sponsor my melon is a short tale about a man hoping to sell advertising space on his head to Intel. Mad man.. whats next eh? advertising on condoms?!


I will of course be offering advertise space on my arse! To be honest though space is not a problem. =0)

By Spooky |

Pr0n Adverts on people could be a plus, imagine being on the bus and the person in front has a pr0n ad on there head =P

By Nightmare |

How much would it cost to advertise int13h on some young ladies bossum =)

By Nightmare |

Though I am serious about advertising on my dome, and I appreciate the humorous responses, I hope the bigger picture isn't lost. I think it shows public acceptance to what is definately a controversial form of advertisement.

By Brandon Wertz |

right on brother

By Armageddon |

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