Top Ten Things That Suck #10

TOP TEN TV-shows that suck

10 - Pokemon - the cartoon series.

Draw it more like Anime's supposed to (Ghost in the Shell or Ninja Scroll) be drawn and dub it normally, and I might even watch it... If they'd let people die for a change. You have this weird fuzzy critter that set stuff on fire, and it doesn't' even scorch off the clothing of female characters... WHAT KIND OF ANIME IS THAT?!

9 - Who wants to marry a millionaire.

Lotto ratings were dropping.. we ran out of daft people, so we needed something to downgrade the average IQ - Voila.

8 - Who want to be a millionaire.

Of course I want to be a millionaire, but I'd be just as happy with the 100.000 thank you. I don't need some audience beckoning me to continue. Go home.

7 - Wheel of Fortune.

You know the word, I know the word, the presenter knows the word. say the fawking word and get it over with dammit.

6 - Tel Sel / What's In Store.

I've memorized every infomercial there is, because it's the ONLY THING on tv after a night of boozing... and I 've seen about half the products in the shops. good thing I don't have a credit card, or I might even buy stuff

5 - WWII documentaries.

Even though I should now be considered an authority on WWII stuff, I've so actively tried to forget all this $h!t that I've succeeded. what, it started in 1939? I thought it was 1540 =S

4 - Discovery/Animal Planet's Steve "Crocodile hunter" Irwin shows.

When does he finally get killed by some crazed rabid reptile 130 miles from the nearest hospital, with the only means of relieving the pain being the radical dislocation of the second vertebrae?

3 - Art Movies.

I don't know what it's about, there's more scenery than dialog, and it's usually in a foreign language. and the subtitles are always in that non-standard format, like Arial Narrow, only worse... grrr

2 - The entire Bloomberg channel.

Do I look like I even give a crap about the current stock exchange rates? If I wanted to know, what do you think Internet is waaaay better for? STOCK TICKER TAPES YOU IDIOTS... grrrrrrr

1 - Commercial blocks of 7 minutes.

So this is not a show. technically, it's any show on any commercial station. There you are, watching a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager (the second in a "to be continued" that you hadn't seen yet) when halfway through a dialog, that annoying break pops up. you think "might as well get a dr. pepper and some blavod to make it go away".. you take

you time pouring it, only to find that they're only on the second commercial. Why must Commercials take so damn long? voyager shouldn't take an hour even without time compression turned to 2% dammit!

This weeks top ten things that suck (excluding the film Hackers and Baked Beans old car) are by PMI.


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