What were you thinking?

This page is here to tell you how bad your life is! You suck and you might as well top yourself, you useless sack of shit!

Please try the following in vein:

  • Click the Refresh button and get abused some more...
  • If you typed the page address in the Address bar then you are a bigger fool then I thought
  • To check your worthlessness, click the Tools menu, and then click Why should I be alive?. On the Choose method of death tab, click Please strike me down now!. Your death should be fairly instant with a small chance of survival.
  • If your still here for some ungodly reason, Try licking your index finger and sticking it in the power outlet on the wall.
  • Why wont you just frigging die!?!?
  • If you survive this far then you are in need of a more violent death, Please click here

Cannot find reason in going on..
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