Random Top Five #1


5. Red Square
Vodka mixed with Taurine based energy drink. You wanna run home, get into bed and comatose, but you can't! Sleep is impossible.

4. Jim Bean Blues
Ready mixed bourbon and coke. Thats it really... alcopop for the discerning pisshead.

3. Newcastle Brown Ale
The original loony juice. Some drinks come with a slice of lime in the top. This comes with a Doc Martin and a steak and kidney pie.

2. Blavod
Its black, its vodka, its 40% by volume. Drinking it is like having molten lava force fed down your throat through a pressure hose.

1. Blavod and Doctor Pepper
Its black, its vodka. Its nowhere near as harsh. Great when combined with a game of Red Alert.

This weeks charts are by Spooky.


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