Get yours hand off it!

It looks like the graphics card battle has risen again for another round but who is on their feet and ready to get bloody? Well in the red corner we have the returning champions Nvidia still holding their head high and begging for more. In the Blue corner we have ATI who put up quite a fight during the last round. So what cards are doing the do' this time? Well the ever popular GeForce Series of Graphics Cards from Nvidia have made it all the way up to the GeForce 3 and seems to be having quite a successful run. Now ATI have released the next generation of the Radeon cards with the Radeon 8500 & 7500 versions. The fight is on and as always SharkeyExtreme is on hand for a good scrap.

Look out, NVIDIA. There's a new kid in town...

Click, sit back and read.. My money is on the newly announced Geforce 3 Ultra though =P


Heavy Engine Console
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