You are all very lucky... very very lucky.

Funny story, or not actually but I'll continue anyway. I was about to have a rant about stupid people, annoying goths and pointless conformist Marilyn Manson fans when I reached a level of frustration that caused my head to implode with devastating effect. Infact in order to complete this post I've had to perform temporary re-constructive surgery on my noggin using only a rolled up newspaper, an ice cube, a nine iron, a length of rubber hose and Emma Noble. Muff butter paper mache isn't a long term solution to auto decapitation.

Anyway, I digress. Rather than get myself anymore wound up I have found this 'handy dandy(tm)' site to save further unsightly bodily explosions on my part. Its better than washing lumps of enraged Spooky out of your clothes.

Emma, come here you little mynx. Can I just quickly wipe something in your hair?


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