Look mum, I.E. 6!!

I'm in the midst of downloading the new version of I.E. 6. Download your version from this little funky dunky piece of pure linkage................

Wait for it..............


Please checkout the comments section of this post for comments from the rest of the int13h gang on the goodness and badness of this new web browser.

Oh and before I forget, remember that according to my sources all Netscapeage support that was found in IE5.5 was dropped from SP2 on. So please make sure you don't rely on any Netscape functionality before upgrading. i.e. plugins etc etc


So good so far.. Its very fast at rendering the pages and everything is where it should be, I was eXPecting some XP-style interface but seems that only the 'media bar' has been degraded to look like XP.

On the VERY PLUS side of things, it has banned almost all crap pop ups that appear on *ehm* certain sites, so that has made me very happy. All the new pooey 'features' such as the 'image bar' that puts a big smelly toolbar over the top of pictures you are hovering on can be turned off in the internet options bit which is good.

There is a cool bit for the images though, if the image you are trying to view is too big for the browser window IE6 will downsize it to fit the screen without losing the aspect ratio and it will not stretch the image to fit a bigger browser (Good work!).

All in all I would give this a major 8.5 out of 10 on the 'Nightmare-o-meter'. Like I always say, there is always room for improvement <--- thats a lie.

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PAH! You'll never tear me away from Lynx!

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Actualy its not bad. Although it involved a restart, which I really don't like. It seems to render pages quicker.

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.....and go here for what the register have to say: -


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