Mine is better then yours!

Spooky and myself seem to be in a spot of bother.. we both got these great toys for free from the TNT delivery man but there was a little scuffle over who's is better.. I picked the Bike and Spooky picked the Plane, no problem there, we both got what we wanted but then the arguements started.

Broooooooom Broooooooom


How immature.. if this is your kind of thing let us know which one you like better and why in the comments up a bit on the left.


My Bike o//nZ j0o! f33r my m4d rI|)iNg sKilLz!!

By Nightmare |

Tally Ho chaps! Whatto, everybody knows that the plane is way cooler you smack talking freak!

Chocks Away!

***Spooky raises his arms and darts round the room making 'brrrrrrrrrrooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww' noises

By Spooky |

Well, the choice is obvious. The bike will win. Why?

a) It'll get the majority, because silkie choosing the plane is as logical as rubbing medical alcohol on your feet so you can compress time. It just won't happen.
2) It'll piss off spooky, and that's logical because the universe is still out to get him for what spookster did to his sister and mom.. I know they both liked it, but the universe is kind of grudge bearing
iii) I'm voting for the bike right now. and there isn't anyone man enough in the readers to cast a vote on this issue (or you can prove me wrong, see if that helps) and nightmare will win.

go bikes. (plus it seems more shiny)

By Pmi |

There both crap!

By Magic |

*/me blows dust of off old ISO book*

By Nightmare |

Well its obviously the bike thats the best.... no wait a minute that plane looks quite funky... ummmmm oh Bollocks.

By Armageddon |

Heavy Engine Console
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