Que cheap travel add ...........where is everybody????

Hello everybody, just in case your wondering why nothing has been happening of late I thought I'd bring you all up to speed. Basically the lads (not including me of course) have trotted of the Holland to visit PMI and basically sleep with a million pros and get stoned every night. So don't expect any content from these guys until they regain their eyesight!

My feeble excuse for not going to Holland and/or posting recently is that I'm currently changing jobs and it's a right anal affliction!! Still I've found time in my hectic schedule to bring you a couple of links for your surfing pleaser....

First of is this rather cool post I stumbled across claiming that Sony have nicked the PS/2 design from on 80's Atari PC!! Cool or what!! ATARI ROCK(ED)

And the other link I have for you is how to remove ACPI hell from Win2K.. Handy dandy I hope you agree. Read all about it here. If it wasn't for the blue tint I would have sworn they stole our scroll bar!!

Oh yeah and expect a few words about the rather pathetic ECTS show we attended last weekend. All was bad...... or was it!! =0)


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